The Projects awarded to Fagioli require the capacity to offer “turnkey” solutions involving all ofFagioli’s core business activities. Fagioli are able to provide at the same time, engineering know-how,in-house project forwarding, heavy transport and lifting services in order to handle all of the differentphases of a complete project.Turnkey projects solutions can be applied to many different types of projects including the revamping of Oil &Gas as well as the construction of Power plants and offshore platforms and civil structures.., with materials originating from all over the world and which must be delivered on schedule to the site to meet critical installation dates. This kind of project generally includes three main activities: shipment of general cargo and containerized materials; shipment of heavy items or modules; lifting and final installation of heavy loads.As a first step, Fagioli’s engineering department study the characteristics of the modules and items to betransported and installed to establish the most time effective and safest group-owned equipment that can be utilized and how to use them. In performing turnkey projects the planning and organization phases are essential features that Fagioli are able to optimize to the maximum in order to offer tailor-made solutions to service any kind of transport, lifting and shipment activity.